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Contemplate is a group providing a new way of doing life with the Levin Anglican Parish.  This means doing life in a fresh way while retaining all that is good and nourishing within the Anglican Tradition.  This ministry is under that authority of the Levin Anglican Vestry and Leadership.  While expressing faith in a fresh way it is rooted deeply in Anglican doctrines and creeds of faith.


God's mission through the Church is very clear to us.  It is to Love God and Love those in need, our neighbours and in fact all humanity.

To do this, we create safe spaces of gathering, show compassion kindness and Grace. We are led to these action by love (the Holy Spirit).   Through bearing witness to our love of Jesus, God is revealed in us and in others and that is life-giving.


Nothing we do think or say can make God love us more.  That is the freely given gift of God we call Grace. We do however, place a high value on non-tangible things.

 Things that relate to our behaviour, attitudes and actions.

We love because God first loved us.

We forgive (let go) because we are forgiven

We give because God has given to us