Get Involved

Living Jesus following Jesus and means serving others out of thankfulness and gratitude for God's unconditional love and forgiveness of us.

Let us know any projects you want to build a team around

Let us know how you want to serve those in need.

Our core mission is to help others learn of God's love and our love of God. We experience God through nature, scripture, experiences of noticing God's presence, and the kindness, and generosity of others.


For Example

- Build a playground or decorate our family room.

- Teach someone to sew or make a garden

- Spend time with someone feeling lonely 

- Help someone struggling with life

Give your time or energy by serving others or

Give money to support the expenses of the community or a specific project.

Here is our budget for 2021. The Anglican parish has provided

$1800 to start us off.

Item                                       Cost ($ excl. GST)

  • Spiritual direction 4 times per year for 6 adults $1200.00

  • Spiritual direction for children and youth         $300

  • Set up costs – signs/cards                         $590

  • Set up costs – welcome packs                       $450

  • Food                                               $520

  • Games – indoor outdoor                             $120

  • Training First aid for two adults                  $280

  • Travel                                             $150

  • Advertising/web                                    $250

  • Craft resources                                    $200

  • Night prayer                                       $200

                  Total excluding GST:       $4260.00